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Welcome to the Northwest Child Development Center...

We provide a nurturing environment and quality educational experiences which promotes social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development for children ages 6 months to 12 years.

We are conveniently located in a residential area of Northwest Roanoke on a main east-west city bus route.  The Center is only one block over from Route 460  (Orange Avenue) - providing convenience for parents who may not have means of transportation.  Additionally, the center provides transportation on the Centerís bus to and from homes and to and from several schools.  Transportation services costs an additional fee.

Wunmi Okupe , Parent at Northwest Child Development Center

It is with great pleasure that I write about my sonís experience at Northwest Child Development Center. As a first time mother, words cannot express how grateful I am to have met teachers and staff that are concerned about my sonís growth and wellbeing. My sonís teachers were ALWAYS available to answer ALL of my questions. Every morning, the entire staff sees my son, greets him with a smile and calls him by his name. In addition, other children in the class have been trained to greet each baby as they arrive. This is a great way for children to develop friendships. Not only is this great for welcoming my child (and other children), it has also made my child feel ďat homeĒ with everyone. He became accustomed to the environment to the extent that he has developed a recognition of the environment. He is quick to get out of his car seat and looks towards the entrance of the building showing excitement as he enters his classroom.

The NWCDC director was very helpful with my sonís admission and enrollment process and has been instrumental in allowing my weekly travel experience from Maryland to Roanoke stress free. My son (Victor) was enrolled as an Infant a few days before he was 6 months. At the time of enrollment, it was obvious my son needed a lot of care, attention and feeding monitoring because he was recovering from a viral cold he had contacted from a previous daycare center. His teachers did an extra ordinary job making sure all observations were reported at the end of the day and they also ensured all breathing treatments were done in a timely manner. With this, my sonís recovery process was smooth with increased gained weight. I was also informed of what I needed to do as a mom to ensure my son met his milestones for his age.

What I also love about the NWCDC are the weekly outings that have been organized for the children outdoors. I love this because other daycare centers do not offer this opportunity. Since our stay in Roanoke was a period of 6 months, I intend on bringing my son to visit in the near future to celebrate his first birthday.

Many thanks to the staff of NWCDC for proving once again ďit takes a village to raise a childĒ

Upcoming Events:

Peach Festival August 3 and 4th, 2012 10am to 5pm. At Elmwood Park. Downtown Roanoke, VA
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Please Note:

The Northwest Child Development Center is made possible by local, state, and private donor support. Your generous contributions of time, talent, and monetary donation make our programs possible. Support NWCDC and change the lives of Roanoke's precious youth!

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